ICON Developers HUB

OpenDevICON provides tools to write, deploy and operate decentralized applications.

An initiative to support ICON developers

OpenDevICON is an initiative to support ICON developers by reducing friction and wasted time in development of ICON SCOREs, dApps and DAOs.

Course Content

A well managed course content for on-boarding new developers to the ICON ecosystem.

Share Experience

Share our SCORE development experience with other developers and community.

Our Goals

Simplified Version of ScORE

Provide simplified version of SCORE boilerplate to get started with ease.

Simplified Information Repository

Create a simplified information repository for aspiring as well as veteran developers in ICON

Solidify Knowledge base

Solidify the knowledge base of developers by deconstructing existing mainnet SCOREs.

Promote Developer Base

Promote a developer base globally for ICON using a community open source model

JupyTer Notebook

To familiarize developers on smart contract development using Jupyter Notebook